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When should I take a pregnancy test?

So I had sex on the 23rd, My next period should come on Dec 5th. if I buy one of those pregnancy test that tells you 5 days before your missed period, or would it not be accurate? Because that would only be a week after conception if i am . Or how long should I wait to take it?

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    If you're period is due Dec 5th, on Nov 23rd, you wouldn't have been ovulating. Believe me. Your cycle and mine are very similar and the 23rd is too late for fertilization. But if you want to take a test, I agree, first response is the best! I'd wait til at least 1 week after your missed period.

    Good luck! :)

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    my period is due dec 3rd....i just took a pregnancy test today and got a faint was negative yesterday. so for you......test first thing friday morning. USE FIRST is the best....ive taken many tests and this is the will tell you 6 days before missed period....dont get the digital just get the regular ones

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    General rule of thumb, wait at least two weeks from when you had sex.

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