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Any tips for success?

Might be long but please read...

So I've always felt like my life has been setup to fail. Like everytime I try I always end up disappointed and failed. For example, I have 2 older brothers. During highschool, brother 1 finished and got his H.S.D, brother 2 also finished and got his H.S.D, me well I bascially stopped attending school my senior year and got my GED instead. Brother 1 joined the military and finished 4 years and has already signed up for another 4 years. Brother 2 joined the military and finished his 4 years and is now back home. Me, well I didn't make it pass basic and was kicked out because I couldn't pass my army physicaly fitness and I refused to be recycled so I got kicked out.

Brother 1 is fit, brother 2 is skinny, I'm 260lbs and 6'0. I've tried college but after 8 months it didn't work out because I found out my college is not regionally accredited.

Brother 1 is married and his wife is really controlling and dislikes our family. Brother 2 now goes to college and spends ever second he gets on his ps3 and other games everyday. Me, well I have a loving wife who loves me and my family very much. I work at a low end security job.

Sometimes I feel like I am blessed in a different way from my brothers..... and many times I just feel like I suck at life. So my question is how do you guys do it? Has anyone ever risen from the ashes and became successful?

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    Success is only what you perceive it to be. Some could consider making money and being fit as success, but it's really just your enjoyment of life. There could be a bum on the street that has a more joyful life that most of the world. In my eyes, that's success. It seems that the only thing holding you back are your brothers' "proficiency" at what they do. I discovered something just the other day that I had never realized before, but it proves true in this situation. It's that people are all the same, regardless of what the can do, what their social status is, what they own, ect...

    Just because you may not be as strong physically or academically doesn't mean you're any less of a person than they are. They just happened to be born with different traits! Just think about what you do have in an optimistic way. Be thankful you have someone to love. I wish I had that!

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