Was this bad to say to him?

Last (school) year me and my crush would always talk, hug and joke around. We were pretty cool friends. But then this year, things seem different. Idk. We're on good terms and everything, we talk occasionally and stuff.

But the other night we were hanging out with a group of people and he opens his arms and asked for a hug. So we hugged and while we were hugging I was like "you never hug me anymore!" but I didn't say it in like a mean way, I said it in like a "I'm so glad you're hugging me now" way. And he didn't say anything back which made me think I shouldn't have said it. But we talked a little later and joked around and everything seemed to be normal. But now I feel stupid for saying it. :I what do you think?

2 Answers

  • 8 years ago

    you should be safe on it; depending on your tone it may sound casual to you although to others it may come off as "angry" or "upset" although if you two are close he should understand. seeing as you two were joking afterwards and talking you are good; he most likely picked up the hint.

  • 8 years ago

    Your over exaggerating, he probably forgot. Girls always say that, sometimes you just dont know what to say.

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