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My whole family has done LSD at least once, and I feel tempted. Why should I try or not try it?

Out of 8 kids and two adults, none of having any addictions other than some being minor alcoholics, have done LSD 1 or more times. The only one who's had a negative experience with it was my mom, but all of my siblings say it changed the way they view life. Should I try it? Why or why not? Give me reasons backed up by FACTS, not opinions.

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    With a drug like LSD, trying it ONE time will not "change the way you view life"- UNLESS:

    A. You take entirely TOO much and "touch God"- which is not necessarily a good thing.

    B. You take entirely TOO much and have a BAD trip- which is USUALLY the case with 1st timers thereby eliminating the "1st time it changed my life" BS.

    ...."Reasons backed up by facts"....? If you want "factual information" there are plenty of OTHER websites that can give you clinical AND factual reports. This is YAnswer's- almost EVERY answer is opinion!

    The important part of taking acid the first time, (and having a good experience) is NOT to take too much. Start with a half a hit! EVERYONE is (biologically and "mentally") different. By lowering your dose, you will be able you to experience some of the effects without it overwhelming you.

    BEWARE of the @ssholes who will say,"Dude, you can't have a good trip with only a half a hit". They are full of shite.

    Tips for a good trip:

    Number 1 rule for First timers???- Trip in a very familiar (and safe) environment. DON'T take acid, (the 1st time) and go to a concert or weird environment. Why?? If you do start having a bad trip, it's harder to cope in a strange place. Realize- You will be feeling the effects of most LSD for AT LEAST 9-12 hours- usually longer. In fact, that is the worst part of tripping- it doesn't wear off in a couple hours- it lingers and keeps you awake long after the "good" effects have disappeared.

    Number 2 rule: Bring some weed! One joint can mellow you out and it makes the experience more fun. Do I mean smoke a BAG of weed??? NO. One Joint- that's it! Drinking alcohol does not mix with LSD and should be avoided.

    #3. Try not to trip around people you hate or tend to have a "Dramatic" personalty. You want to trip with cool people that won't ffuck with you or bring you down.

    #4. DON'T do ANY drug if you feel/think it's going to be unpleasant or your apprehensive- ESPECIALLY with LSD. Why??? How you view the world around you and how you mentally feel will generally designate the experience you have- if your unhappy and freaked-out (or mentally unstable), your generally gonna have a bad experience- if your happy (and brave) your generally gonna have a good experience.

    Bottom-line??? Never do anything because other people want or tell you to do something. Use common-sense and you'll be fine..............

    Hope this helps somehow?

    Beth- Most of the stories of people "jumping off buildings" had less to do with LSD and more to do with the mental state of the individuals who took the drug- this is a fact not a myth.

    People die every day because they drink too much alcohol and decide to go for a drive.....why then isn't alcohol illegal?Or cigarettes?

    You mentioned, "my son was sent to jail because he was slipped LSD unknowingly while on probation".

    While on probation??? Sounds like he may have been in a bad place (mentally) to begin with. And he was dosed unknowingly!???! Who was he hanging out with?? What was his state of mind at the time? Anyone would think they were going crazy if they were unknowingly dosed with a lot of LSD! But, again, not the drugs fault (per se') but the people who dosed your son.....

    LSD is not addictive. Is it a "gateway drug"??? ALL drugs are "gateway drugs"- including alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, Etc. In most cases, people with "addictive personalities" are the ones who abuse drugs.....(period).

    Do people have flash-backs? They CAN. But, 98% of people who experience flash-backs are people who have used the drug extensively or at extreme doses. There is factual evidence for this.

    Here is some factual info-

    Beth I'm sorry about your Son.

    Source(s): 'Ole Fisherman.
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    lsd is not addictive

    lsd is not toxic

    lsd will not make you crazy

    lsd does not stay in your spinal cord

    a bad trip on lsd can be scary but it is also a really good experience it is called ego death look it up it can be scary sometimes but worth it you just have to let go to the experience and let it take over( easier said than done) expect to have at least one bad trip in your life if you do trip but it will be your most cherished trip.

    for more real info go to erowid and shroomery and also disregardeverythingisay . com

    the last one explains the effects of lsd perfectly no one else does such a good job and erowid has all the facts and on shroomery you can ask any question and get really good info from the members. you can find me on the shroomery allseeingike is my name

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    When I was a young kid, a teen that my family knew took LSD and tried to jump off a roof because she thought that she could fly. Later, she tried to commit suicide.

    My son had a psychotic episode when someone slipped him LSD. He doesn't even remember most of what happened. Other people in his building thought that he was killing someone and called the police. They found him naked, screaming, and attacking everything. The police nearly killed my son, and he will have the scars for the rest of his life. He had to be hospitalized, where he was heavily sedated until the hallucination wore off. Using drugs violated his probation, and now he's in jail. He used to think that acid was life-changing, too. Now his life is permanently ruined.

    A few years earlier, his girlfriend also had a psychotic episode when she took it willingly. She was insane, ripping off her clothes, and had to be subdued and hospitalized. The police did not hurt her, but they arrested my son because it was his apartment.

    I knew two Brits who took it, and they spent the whole trip thinking that they were falling into the ocean, trying to run up the beach, and not being able to figure out how to get away.

    The facts are: it is illegal, it is unpredictible, it remains in your spinal cord, it can give you a flashback hallucination at a dangerous time, and people on drugs put their own lives and the lives of other people at risk. Don't do it.

    Source(s): I don't take drugs. Even the people I know who had a "good" trip still had a freakish experience. Everyone I know on drugs is deceiving him or herself about the likelihood of addiction. You might not get addicted to this drug, but you will want to try other stuff that is more addictive.
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    I don't see the harm in trying anything at least once. Just don't do it because they did, don't jump on the bandwagon. Talk to people outside your family that have done it and see what they say. Do some research on what LSD actually is and dosing so you don't go to far.

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    its a ******* illegal drug. Your going to go to an annoymous help site and ask people give you pros and cons and referances?? If your looking for somebody to tell you that its 100% safe and that you definatly will have a good time then its not going to happen. Anything that messes with your brain is flat out bad for you. Going on a trip is awesome, it changes you life, but there definatly are risks and consequences. If you are totally like no i dont want to do ANYTHING that is going to harm my body then just dont do it. But if you think that life is short and its worth sacrificing your heath to experiance amazing things then hell yea why wouldnt you do it.

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    I"ll say it's better you don't try it,it's a psychedelic effect and the acid stays in your spinel ,and if you had a bad trip you will be ****** up!

    Source(s): A Doctor told me about that.
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    the key words are AT LEAST LSD is adictive so you will need to do it agen and agen and agen.....

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