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Am I friend zoned? :(?

So I like Angela. She is a girl I met this year who I at first wanted to go out with but at the time she was trying to get with some *** hole of a guy who ended up hurting her. She's over him now I think. While she was chasing him I was attempting to get with another girl but she vanished with out a word and I realized I still liked Angela. We've just been friends since school started and we've even talked to each about our relationship problems. Is she to much of a friend now? Also flirting tips would be appreciated to get me out of the friendzone

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    you have to show her that u have interest in her as more than a friend. or else it won't ever go any further. if she sees u as more than a friend... then she will respond with flirting . but usually when a girl tells a guy about all her relationship problems... he's just a friend. sorry. but remember!

    flirting >>>> friendlyness will help avoid the friendzone in the first place!

    joking around / being playfully mean ( not too rough now lol ) witha girl is always the best way to flirt in my opinion

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    not at all! just go for it!

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