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Split/scar in lip?????? HELP?

I have a scar, well idk if its a scar or a split or something but it looks like a really deep wrinkle in my lower lip by the corner on the right hand side. When I open my mouth to like smile or just open wide u can see a line going threw the lower lip and when close it and poke my lips out it looks like a tiny bubble but it doesn't have any pus or anything its just the skin of my lip and because there is a split in it it looks weird but if I don't poke out my lips its not noticeable and if I start talking u can see the split in my lip. Is there any home remedies I can do to make the scar/split lip go away? Maybe put ice on it or aloe or vaseline???? I know I had chapped lip problems in the past but is this permanent or what? Plz help.

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    It can be a cold sore?

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