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What EXACTLY does this mean?

I'm just curious..

my friends grandmother passed away. it was her fathers mom. she was a very religious catholic woman. my friend knew her grandma, but she wasn't close to her. her grandmother lived in Mexico, and my friend and her family live in California.

well point is..

when her grandmother died, her last words were EXAAACCTLLLYYY like this

"ya me voy, ya me voy, pero me voy a llevar a Alejandra" meaning, "ima go, ima go, my time has come, but I'm taking Alex with me"

this is really creepy. when Alex told me I got the chills and I started to cry.

does anyone have an explanation as to what she meant?? it would help out a lot. please and thank you.

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    I am not Mexican, but I am Catholic. Recall the ending of the movie "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze. His final line in the movie is..."The love you share, you take it with you."

    Catholics believe that the dead can carry prayers to God (based on Revelation and one of Jesus' parables). Perhaps she meant that she will pray for her granddaughter.

    We will never know for sure. She was going to her God. I can only guess what she meant exactly.

    Good Luck and God Bless

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    I don't think she meant that Alex would literally join her, but that Alex would still be with her in her heart or something like that.

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