Am i able to remove the screen of my Laptop?

I have a HP G56 Notebook, Over the past year and a half or so the plastic from the connection between the monitor and the "Keyboard" Important part has basically snapped off but there still remains two small wires going between the two parts. If i cut them and separate the screen from the important parts completely will that damage it in any way worse then how it is?

The screen currently doesn't work and I'm using a separate monitor for it.


I cut the thinner of the two before reading this and it didn't affect my wireless, inside the covering of the thin one was a thin white and blue cable if that helps, and the thicker one of the two seems two me not cased in a rubbery material but mroe of a paperish kind, Sorry for the very vague description ha

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  • urtica
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    8 years ago
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    Not having the service manual for that model (HP really doesn't want mere mortals fixing their systems), I can only speculate. But the signal for the screen is all run through the flat plastic connector. There may be a ground wire coming from the display. Cutting that should be no problem. Most likely, what it is (especially since there are two of them) -- the antenna wires for the wireless card. The antenna loop is often positioned around the edge of the display on a laptop. So if you are not using your wireless on the laptop, I would go ahead and cut it. If you are using the wireless, you may consider going wired, especially since you are already tethered to a monitor and the extra nic cable shouldn't be an issue. (Unless you are not near your router.)

    Hope this helps.

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