Good perfumes to get for a friend?'?

We're doing kris kringle, and i asked a friend to ask my kk what she wants. She said perfume. But im not willing to spend 50 bucks on a perfume for her. :\ we're not close, but we do talk sometimes. I dont want to get a cheap perfume, because they usually smell weird to me. But i dont know. Any perfumes you'd reccomend for my kk?


less then 30 would be great, specials would be more great. thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well I'm not a flowery perfume here are the ones that i use.

    Victoria secrets: dream angel 'heavenly angel' smells heavenly! I wear it and love it!!!! They have a plastic large bottle thats $20 I believe. They also have deals during Xmas. Buy 2 small 1's get 1 free. Or box set of like 20 small perfumes in a box

    I also love their endless love perfume!!!!

    Bath and body works has some delicious perfume! Cheap too!

    Brittany spears: curious is another one that love!!!!its at walmart and cheap.

    I Also wear walmarts 'sweet pea' is very cheap and smells pretty!

  • Rosco
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    8 years ago

    Axe, 8x, denim are best brands if U want to buy perfume for your friend

  • 8 years ago

    Victoria secret has great scents that aren't too expensive, and so does bath and body works. I hope I helped! c:

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