What do yall honestly think? :(?

should i tell him i like him or should i just wait and give it time and wait til things fall in place? i just cant stop thinking about him. We known each other for a while we met thru mutual friends. I fell for him quick and we hung out just me and him twice.

First time he took me out to eat and talked for an hour or so. We were all smiling and stuff it was good well i thought it was. After that we went to his place and he showed me his new truck he got, started telling me everything how he was gonna fix it and stuff. He even took me for a drive in it. It was pretty nice. He also wanted me to drive it but i didnt want to it was standard and i dont know how to drive so hes like fine if you dont want to drive the truck then drive my car and i was like are you serious and hes like heres the keys to the car come on. I was scared af cause i dont know how to drive but he was teaching me. We went for a turn. It was fun. Lol. Thought it was cute of him teaching me. AFter we went to his place and rolled a blunt WELL he teached me how to roll cause i didnt know how to. While we were smoking we were just talking and watching tv. He had asked for a kiss and i was like yeah but my stupid self was acting all shy so we didnt. It was already time for me to go home, so he dove me back home. We got there and he had turned off the car and we just talking and AGAIN he asks for a kiss YET AGAIN I start acting all shy so we never end up kissing.

after all that happen i didnt hear from him in months till just now...We hung out again but this time we chilled with his friends from high school it was cool tho. We we all just chillin for hours and then me and him went to get a bite to eat. We order our food and started talking. He started asking if i thought about him all these months from not talking and i told him straight up yeah i have. He said why didn't i hit him up and i told him that i didn't wanna bother him and stuff. Hes like you should of tho, you don't bother me. i asked him why didn't he hmu and stuff, he has said bc he thought that i didn't find him attracted and thought i didn't wanna talk to him cause i didnt kiss him that one day we hung out but i told him that i didnt wanna rush into things and stuff. We were talking for a while then we headed back to his friends. He would playfully poke me and squeeze my knee. When we got there they started rolling up more blunts and asked me to break down the Green so i did. Started playing video games and smoking chilling talking. Then his friends were all like lets head to the bar and i was like i would like to but i cant im 17 their like they don't check for i.d but still i had to go home my parents are expecting me pretty soon. So he decided to take me back home stopped and parked the car in front my house. We started talking and stuff, he kept telling me man "i cant stop smiling have your cheeks ever hurt from smiling so much?" and also i was non stop smiling. Then we actually started making out. He gently grabbed my hand and puts it on his penis and i moved my hand quickly but After we just started talking and i was being all playful with him and i had said something mean and Hes like "i can tell you don't mean that, you try to be mean but you just cant" i had said how do you know? he said "i can tell by the way you kiss with a passion" then we starting kissing again. and this time he didnt grab my hand and put it on his P****, We were just making out. i just couldn't get enough of his kissing. Everything felt so right at the moment.

So should i tell him i like him or what....? i need honest answers /:

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  • 8 years ago
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    My crystal ball tells me that if you get with this guy, there's four or five kids and a used singlewide mobile home in your future. Your very near future.

    I think you can do better--and lay off the dope. I've never known it to make anyone smarter.

  • 4 years ago

    i believe she in basic terms suggested she could desire to no longer remember she gave her huge type out as a thank you to make you experience she replaced into no longer relatively common. She is making an attempt to play a splash demanding to get. You the two sound to experience awkward in speaking on the telephone which sometimes is prevalent interior the beginning up of attending to be attentive to somebody. it may desire to be greater tender to start texting her. Then as you the two can start to experience greater tender and take issues to the subsequent point. better of luck to you!

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