what is love relationship advice?

been with this dude for 3 years. we have a history some bad some good. you know. i want opionions on relationships . what love means to you. like can someone love someone and care for someone deeply. but also love someone else because they treat them better than the other does.i jus want opionons on ppls view on what love is. & also opinion on young love... as in like 17 18 19 20 21 yrs old. and what kind of changes do men have if they do have some ?


deff not in it for the money lol. most females all they want is money but i said love........... not money idiot

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  • 8 years ago

    Wow that's a brod question you better gimmi extra points for this one

    ...on second thought. F$&k it imma tell you American women how reallyI feel

    They can't "love" your to superficial and materialistic you measure love by the dollarsign. Men aren't dumb in fact we use that underestimate to catch you in I'll the Lies and deception. If you think you have the ability to love picture a man with 100bucks now picture a man with1000 bucks immediately got a ***** for guy number two? Case and point. guy number1 can know you inside and out and love you till he's blue in tha face but as soon as some other money comes in to the side view your question the very word love. You don't know the fu$&ing mening anymore! Look at you your even asking the Internet for help abucha people you never even met befor because you dont want to feel bad for being what you are! You are the sole reason I'm moving to Australia. I don't need to know anything about you that question reeked of American woman. If it doesn't apply to you that's what they are like

    I got my 2pts I'm outta hear

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