Ex bf ask if I would take him back but?

I was with someone at the time he ask me this well that person dump me over money "Don't ask it's a long story" Well now my ex Chris wants me back we're already dating but he dump me and got with this girl but she went crazy on him "lol" he said he didn't mean to hurt me and this time he really wants to built a life with me.. Is he lying and only dating me cause he has a hard time finding a girlfriend or does he really want me? We text all day long and i'm gunna move to North Carolina with him after Christmas I live in Michigan and he moved outta state a year ago.. How can I tell if hes using me? Cause I know he can't finda good relationship so is he only getting with me cause he can't find no one else I mean I didn't even ask for him back it was his idea!


I do still like him alot I had feelings for him the day I ment him I just don't wanna get hurt is all and it's hard for me to tell if i'm being used again..

Update 2:

I did make a fake girl account and flirted with him on meetme it's like Facebook and he didn't flirt back I did it like 3 times with 3 diff accounts tht look real... So idk maybe this time he did change?

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  • 8 years ago

    ex's are ex's for a reason. i really think hes asking for u back becuz hes lonely and wants a girlfriend... same sh*t happened to me about a month ago. DON'T go back girl i swear u'll regret it. u'll find the right person one day he's not worth your time ferreal.

    Source(s): past relationships
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago


    Boys are tricky

    what if you move out there with him and he breaks up with you or hurts

    you again?

    it might not be a good idea but

    then again I could be wrong and it could work out this time

    maybe you could get one of your friends to talk to him with out him

    knowing you put them up to it and talk to him or something

    and see how he really feels about you.

    good luck

  • 8 years ago

    Bcuz he realized wat he lost sumthing good that he can't find sumwhere else that's why they always come back... give it another chance maybe it could work thiis tiime

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