What should I do???????????

For my entire life I wanted to go to Georgetown, but I didn't get in. I ended up at the University of Miami (FL). At first I was very upset. I am very good at making friends, and being social is no problem for me. Every adult has told me that going to college, they'd met amazing people, and I have, but to be frank, most people here just want to be in a Fraternity, which is exactly what I was hoping to avoid in college. I was originally wait-listed (and extended "summer wait-listed") at Johns Hopkins (I'm pre-med btw), and they sent me a letter inviting me to apply as a transfer. I've also always wanted to experience New York as well - nearly just as much as I wanted to go to Georgetown. Basically, half the time I think "Why should I transfer, I'll get used to the gorgeous women and nice weather here" but then the other half keeps saying "Transfer to some place you will have greater opportunities and will be happy." Should I go through the effort of applying to transfer (including asking professors, whom I barely know, for recommendations and whatnot)? OR should I stick it out here.. (I wish to apply to top medical schools). I'm just finishing my first semester of my freshman year, here btw.

I appreciate all answers.

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  • 8 years ago
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    if you truly feel that you would be happy at a different college then you should transfer.,personally I would transfer because it would provide a greater opportunity for the future

    just my opinion ;) good luck!

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