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Poll: How often do you have to deal with a bad haircut?

I keep telling the stylists not to give me a bang, I don't want bangs! I want long angled layers that start from the chin. This is the third time I have to grow them out again, which means another six months of avoiding the stylist again. I think they breeze through the consultation part with cottonballs in their ears.

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    Not often, I cut my own hair (I practised before doing anything lol) I usually do a pretty good job and I get the style that I want. That's the main reason I stopped going to a hair stylist. They NEVER get it right. I even brought a picture in once, and they still didn't get it right. Normally it ends up looking awful anyway.

    I'd either learn how to cut your own hair, or see if you have any friends that know what they're doing. Or look for a stylist that ACTUALLY does what you want. Too bad I've gone to every hairstylist in my town and they all suck :| (don't live in the biggest town ever)

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    8 years ago

    Get a new stylist. Honestly I haven't had a bad haircut in years because I make sure I see their work first and if I feel like they aren't listening during the consultation I'll walk out. Also look for someone in there 50's, they have been in the business so long that they know better than to ignore their clients. And good luck!

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  • 8 years ago

    Change your stylist and show them a picture download one on your phone or print it that's what I did and they mostly got it right.

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    the way mine is decrease I could desire to get it decrease each 4-5 weeks. i like short too because of the fact I also have a small face and it relatively is common to look after. i do no longer usually wait distinctive minutes. I do make an appt.

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  • 8 years ago

    I rather have a bad haircut then no hair at all. I have alopecia and my hair falls. I get steroid injections in my head for the hair to grow, it sucks.

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    Show them a picture of the style and stop them before they chop off that hair

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