Does LSA(literature,science, and arts) at most colleges stand for lots of sex and alcohol?

it always is that at most colleges, liberal arts kids party the most. they are the ones who join greek life since they really have not much school work to do...they are the ones who throw the most rowdy parties, experiment with the most drugs, etc. again because they really don't have much to do...I also love it when they claim it improves their creativity to get better grades when experimenting with drugs...justifying how hard work must be in leisure studies

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    8 years ago
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    Didn't know all those conservative rich frat boys in the Ivy League were liberals?!

  • Most fraternity kids tend to be middle/upper-class white kids. And I hate to stoop to your level with the labelling game, but if you HAD to label them they would more likely be conservative than liberal.

    Liberal artis, literature, and artsy-type college students are usually not the ones joining fraternities...because they feel that it robs them of their "individuality." They are much more likely to spend their free time protesting or being politically active rather than getting drunk at their frat house and throwing couches out the upstairs window.

    Again, these are just stereotypes, but you went there.

  • 8 years ago

    Most kids that are in college shouldn't be in college, and are wasting their parent's money.

    Source(s): A computer science major, who works two jobs from Monday through Sunday.
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    8 years ago

    "i could go on and on"

    Please do it in the proper Category ---- This is the Government section

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