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workout help :/ pleaseeee help!?

so i wanna start going to the gym and i have asked this more then once, and i have gotten some pretty good answers except I'm not the smarted person so someone told me

i do half hour of cardio every day, except on day 7, then it's an hour)

Day 1 triceps and quad.

Day 2 biceps and calves and that?

Day 3 chest and hamstrings.

Day 4 upper back and glutes.

Day 5 lower back and abdominal.

Day 6 deltoids and obliques.

which machines would i use for what?

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    If i were you I wouldnt do cardio everyday...when you do cardio everyday, your putting your body under too much stress, too much stress leads to excess cortisol, which makes your body less willing to give up fat....only do it 3-4 times a week

    (i know because whenever i exercise everyday I dont lose weight, and when I cut back some days, I lose weight)

    and for the machines, if you look at the top they have instructions and highlight which body parts they work

    the excess cortisol, when your body is always under stress (for example exercising everyday) goes back to when we were primitive and would need the extra energy to fight, so your body would produce these hormones that would keep you from losing too much fat, so you would have excess energy for fighting.

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