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I have to finish a study guide by tomorrow. its not for a grade but its all i have to study for my test thats tomorrow and nobody will help me.

In the first part we have to write a sentence explaining how the given 10 words are related to the New Deal era. Can someone help me with this?

1. New Deal

2. hundred days

3. Tennessee Valley Authority

4. Second New Deal

5. Wagner Act

6. Social Security System

7. Demagogue

8. Nationalization

9. National Debt

10. sit-down strike

Then on another question it says to choose a social or economic problem from today and to see if the New Deal would help it.

And finally another says to compare the view points of supporters and critics of the New Deal. Describe the beliefs and values that influences the opinions of each side.

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    The Tennessee Valley Authority was created by economic stimulus money from the federal government. After the Wall Street crash of 1939, the government funded a number of projects to put unemployed people to work- just as the government stimulus money was used after the crash of 2008. Before the TVA, people in Tennessee and surrounding areas had no electricity in their homes- no electric lights, no refrigeration, no electric stoves, etc. The Tennessee Valley Authority created dams that generated electricity. TVA still provides most of the electricity in Tennessee, and it's cheaper than power in many other areas.

    President Obama used some stimulus money to fund investment in alternate energy sources. Those are now growing and thriving. These are very similar instances of cases where the federal government plays an important role in helping the country recover from recessions, and in coordinating projects that improve the living conditions of citizens.

    The reaction to Social Security was much the same as the reaction to Obamacare now. People hated it! They thought it was going to be the end of the country. Now, many of those same people (my mother included) are quite dependent on social security, and happy to get it.

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