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What is the difference between nemutte ita and nette ita and nemashita?


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    "nemutte ita" from "nemuru" (眠る)

    - "nemuru" means "to fall asleep" - to go from one state (awakeness) to another (sleep state)

    - "nemutte ita" - I was asleep/sleeping

    - the antonym for "nemuru" is "me o samasu" - "to wake up"

    "nette ita" from "neru" (寝る)

    "nemashita" from "neru" (寝る)

    - "neru" is the action of going to bed with the intention of sleeping; it also means "to lie down" (without necessarily going to sleep"

    - "nette ita" means "I was in bed/sleeping/lying down" (not necessarily asleep)

    - "nemashita" is simply the past tense of "neru"

    - the antonym for "neru" is "okiru" - "to get/rise up"

    So, hopefully you can see that "neru" is the action of going to bed, and "nemuru" is the state of sleeping. We sometimes use the word "sleep" interchangeably for both words. The distinction is perhaps "going to bed/sleep" vs "being asleep"

    "yoku neta" implies the length of your sleep

    "yoku nemureta" implies the quality of sleep

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    nemutte ita and nette ita: "I was sleeping." Or "I was asleep."

    nemashita: "I slept" or "I have slept"

    Source(s): a native Japanese
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