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my girlfriend and i started smoking?

we've been together for 5 years and she was a non smoker, except recently she started smoking occasionally when she was with friends and at bars which is common for someone her age (25), but it went from a few on a friday night to every other day, to 2-4 a day, and now she smokes a pack a day. i never smoked before, but since she's always lighting up from morning till right before bed, i got curious and started smoking. i didnt think i was addicted, but because my girlfriend always smokes (even during sex) i also smoke a pack a day. thats 2 packs of cigarettes being smoked in one apartment in one day...is there any way we can quit? she honestly doesnt want to, shes very attractive and pulls it off, but i wanna do it for our health

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    I've been trying to quit. It's expensive, it smells and it tastes like sh1t. I hate buying a pack of cigarettes. I hand over money for a small pack of cheap tobacco filled with a laundry list of chemicals. When I smoke, I don't like the taste. It doesn't make you feel good like it did when you first had one. It just stops your craving. So you smoke, get nothing, smoke an hour later, get nothing. Then you start smoking out of habit. You smoke whenever you drive. You smoke whenever you have coffee. You smoke after you eat. You smoke when you get out of bed and right before you go to bed. It's as if your whole life revolves around cigarettes.

    Quit now. It only gets harder. People told me all the time 'quit while you can'. I said, 'I will'. And now I say that when I buy every pack. Every pack is my last pack. It sucks. Do what you have to. Get the gum (expensive though), chew regular gum, have sex.

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    what's sturdy for the goose is sturdy for the gander. Do you think of she likes gazing you injury your self? there's a sparkling drug out called Chantix, it fairly is non narcotic, and treats the dependancy. in line with hazard you could refer to her and the two evaluate quitting jointly. it may make for an prolonged and greater constructive existence jointly, and do the two certainly one of you sturdy. how are you able to assume her to end once you're smoking? evaluate quitting jointly and assisting one yet another with the priority. Chantix is an extremely sturdy drug, and helped me end after 30 years of smoking. i mandatory to end for returned surgical treatment. The well-being practitioner does not function if i did not end, by using fact it would not enable your bones to enhance. And with a fusion to the disc in my returned, smoking does not permit it heal properly. Chantix replaced into the respond, and lets you end, devoid of any nicotine. Please look it up on the internet, they have a supply up smoking application and could help alongside with the drug. I took it for greater or less 2 weeks and basically awakened sometime and did not elect a cigarette. That replaced right into a well-recognized after 30 years. it fairly is not low value, yet is greater value-effective than cigarettes. commence banking the money for an outstanding trip jointly. Make a objective for yourselves, and characteristic a great and satisfied long existence jointly.

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    Maybe try nicotine gum, or an electronic cigarette. My brother's friend uses them, (electronic cigarette) and he ended up quitting.


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