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Have you guys experienced this during early pregnancy?

Soo last Wednesday I went to the walk in clinic and they made me take a urine test and Doc told me I was pregnant! I was happy and excited!

So yesterday I did my bloodtest and my pelvic ultrasound.

My ultrasound was lame because I got a trainee tech and she didn't show me anything or tell me anything so I'm here waiting for the doc to call me. I don't have a edd yet because I wasn't a 100 percent on my last period... It could be 2-3 months ago as of now.

Today I started to feel tugging and pulling in my abdomen and pressure on my lower back... As well it felt like menstrual cramps. No spotting or blood tho... Is this normal ? Anyone else have this??

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    That's a shame you didn't enjoy your ultrasound, I had mine last week (such a lovely moment seeing our baby move) I hope you have a more enjoable one :-)

    I have cramps and I'm 4months, iv had them all the way through, I was worried about them so asked my midwife, she said its where my womb is growing to allow room for my baby, so aslong as there's no blood or your not in tons of pain I wouldn't worry. Your midwife will be able to tell you more about this :)

    Good luck with your pregnancy :-)

    Source(s): Happens to me :-)
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    Pulling and tugging? It can be ur insides getting ready for ur baby. Everythings getting into place. Its normal as long as there is no bright red blood.. just to be sure u should call ur doc first thing in the morning.

    I had this as well with bright red blood & passed 3clots & my baby is doing realy good as of now. Bleeding has stopped..

    Source(s): Personal experience. 10 weeks preg.
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    Cramps during early pregnancy are normal. Its usually implantation and your uterus preparing for the baby. Congrats

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    Totally normal. Your uterus is stretching.

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