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**GIRLS**: Would you get emotional about this? He took your first kiss and basically just used you so now...?

Girls, would this bother you/would you get emotional about this?

You just got used by a guy who took your first kiss and kissed you over and over and touched all over you. He HAD to know that after you had your first kiss, you would want more and more. Did he care? No. He just cared about himself. So now you've met a new guy who seems like a true sweetheart. But he wants to go super slow. And normally that would be fine but you've gotten a taste of what kissing feels like and all he wants to do is hug, not even hold hands. He thinks anything more is moving too fast including hand holding (how that is moving too fast I have no idea). You two talked about it and he started becoming short and basically said whatever you wanted cause he wants you to be happy. So then you say the hug is fine and agree on that and he's instantly okay with it cause that's what he wanted all along. This is first date btw

So this girl just keeps crying cause she feels used by the other guy who gave her a taste of what it's like to where now she just constantly craves it (which she didn't before) and now she can't have anything with the new guy yet cause he wants to go at turtle speed. Would you be upset if you were her?

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    This girl is you, isn't it?

    Yes I'd be mad at the guy who kissed me but I'd get over it.

    At the new guy? I'd get feeling like that after a few years but... on a first date?! You're not even serious about each other yet, why on earth would you want to kiss him?!

    Don't be slutty. Take it slow and wait awhile to kiss someone.

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    Been there, done that. Basically my summer.

    I was in this kind of a "relationship" with a guy this summer. Turned out he had a girlfriend, but I was an idiot and he took my first kiss (knowingly). I never let him go further than touching me, I didn't think he deserved it... but yes, I was upset, and I would be upset if I were her.

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    No,it was the 1st date and u'll always want to kiss guys-its nothin to do with the 1st bloke,enjoy getting to kno the new guy,he sounds shy and inexperienced and him wanting to wait shows that he values u and the experience more than the 1st bloke,answer mine pls?x

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    How old are you?

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