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How come its not ok to ask questions about 911?

Were supposed to have a 1st amendment but on this topic we don't. Ppl have been chocked out by police for brandishing investigate 911 signs. Idc what you believe that is discusting if you say "good choke ppl out who believe something so crazy" I've here ppl say that i don't get it why can't we ask questions? And it's not because it's too painfull for the family's because there the ones asking the most and getting ignored the most

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    First, drop the freedom of speech routine. That applies in public, and you're not in public when you're here. This site is fully owned by Yahoo, which means it's private property. It's their site and their property, which means they make the rules. End of debate. Your rights and freedoms aren't protected here, and they were never unlimited in the first place.

    911 questions get deleted for one reason and one reason only: They're a sh*t magnet. Questions like that will attract haters, truthers, evangelists, racists and every other type of nut-job troll you can imagine, and within minutes the whole thing tuns into a pssing contest with everyone trying to out-offend and out-rant each other. Yahoo doesn't want to deal with that, and neither would I if I ran a forum site.

    The question you ask may be totally unbiased and innocent (but I doubt yours was), but the responses would inevitably turn it into a flame-war. They don't want that crap in here, and neither does anybody else.

    If that stuff interests you, you should really go to any of the million conspiracy-theorist sites and hang out there. You'll be able to see pages of accusations and theories, mostly written in toddler-text like yours, and you can theorize to your heart's content.

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    Because conspiracy theories are based on paranoia. Saying you r freedom of speech is being censored is an excuse to. Your freedom of speech is NOT being censored,, neither is your right to demonstrate. . IF a 911 operator made a mistake, it might be an innocent mistake that might not be her fault, because lots of things can go wrong with computer networks. Yes, an investigation may be warranted. Could you please be more specific in your question, because I don't have enough information to answer your question. Do you have a source, a link that could give some more information. about WHAT you are talking about?

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