Regarding Screener Copy DVD's/ For Your Consideration DVD copies?

is it ok to privately invite a small group of friends and family to watch a Secure Screener "For your consideration" DVD if I'm in prescence during the viewing?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Legally screeners are for reviewers and stuff. You'd have to check the usage license for it.

    That said you probably wouldn't get caught anyway unless one of your friends works for the MPAA.

  • 8 years ago

    You had to have signed an agreement with the studios to be shipped review or screener disks. You cannot ask us what that document said - you should have read it before you signed it.

    Since you are asking here on Yahoo Answers - you obviously do not know how these things work. Are you taking the disk from someone else in the family?

    I think you would be royally screwing up the trust you have with the person who DID sign the agreement. That is NOT ok in my opinion.

    Having a private screening of a to-be-released disk - personal ethics come into play. If you agreed to NOT do this, but you get the disks to do honest reviews, then frankly your honesty comes into question.

    On the other hand - A few years ago a reviewer wrote a positive review for "A Knights Tale" from Sony, and then had to admit he never actually saw the movie. Turns out - this was common practice from Sony. So you are not dealing with an industry known for honesty.

    Again - personal ethics come into play.

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