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Why do people worship Buddha and respect the Dalai Lama?

Most Buddhists consider Jesus to be an “enlightened master” but not the Son of God. During an interview with “Christianity Today,” the Dalai Lama said that Jesus had lived previous lives and His purpose was to teach a message of tolerance and compassion, to help people to become better human beings. And this is the primary problem with the Dalai Lama and all of Buddhism. While some aspects of the Dalai Lama’s message are undeniably positive, and while most Buddhists are indeed kind-hearted “good” human beings, their denial of the biblical Jesus infinitely outweighs any positive aspects of Buddhism.

The Scriptures reveal that Jesus is God in human form, slain for the sins of the world (John 3:16). Yes, Jesus taught tolerance and compassion, but that was not the primary reason for His coming. Jesus came to provide salvation for all those who receive Him as Savior. Jesus died to pay the penalty for our sins. Jesus provides salvation for us because we are absolutely incapable of saving ourselves. Due to their explicit rejection of this truth, the Dalai Lama is a false prophet and Buddhism is a false religion. On the most crucial of issues, the Dalai Lama is, sadly, not enlightened.

Buddhism also teaches that Nirvana is the highest state of being, a state of pure being, and it is achieved by means relative to the individual. Nirvana defies rational explanation and logical ordering and therefore cannot be taught, only realized. Jesus’ teaching on heaven, in contrast, was quite specific. He taught us that our physical bodies die but our souls ascend to be with Him in heaven (Mark 12:25). The Buddha taught that people do not have individual souls, for the individual self or ego is an illusion. For Buddhists there is no merciful Father in heaven who sent His Son to die for our souls, for our salvation, to provide the way for us to reach His glory. Ultimately, that is why Buddhism is to be rejected.

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    it's more peaceful than christianity

    "join our cult, or burn!"

    there is no god

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    Jesus is one of the ten great Avatars to walk the planet. The Dalai Lama is not an awakened being. He is a highly respected scriptural intellectual. He was awake several years ago but has fallen from that awareness. In reality all 165 enlightened beings on the planet are the awareness of God manifest.

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    The Bible makes it sparkling that the options you advise are heresy! in case you've self assurance the Bible because the inspired note of God (and that i do), you should settle for that there is really one real God, that Jesus is "the way, the reality, and the existence," and that we may be able to really serve one draw close. Buddha, Mohammed, the Dalai Lama did not sacrifice their lives to pay for my sins. they're mere human beings who couldn't even save themselves! How ought to I share the worship and glory that belongs to my Saviour, with each person else? The Bible prophecies that, in end circumstances, the religions will merge into one, and that has already started. The solidarity you seek for will be granted to you, below the reign of the Anti-Christ. The Catholic Church has taken wide steps hence, as you could locate by technique of lots of the solutions listed right here. yet, i think that almost all of Protestant church homes have also traded interior the finished thing about the real Gospel message, for a "sense good" message it really is the equivilent of a "self-help" seminar.... no room for God, no non secular boom, even preparation heresy in extra a palatable way. notwithstanding, even as this has been executed, the Anti-Christ will reak havok on the international, and each and every of the solidarity that he preached (one international authorities, one faith, and so forth) will suddenly wreck out into the the finest decision distruction widely used to guy, earlier to God stepping in, it really is! it would do you good to study FEMA, NAU, Georgia Guidestones, Bohemian club, Bilderberg, time table 21. (enable's see how lengthy this answer lasts!!!)

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    Buddhists do not worship Buddha.

    You are ver attached to the scriptures, and if that makes you a better human being, a kinder, more compassionate and more-loving being .. this is very good.

    But believing something doesn't necessarily make it so .. people used to believe the earth was flat, you know, but that didn't make the earth flat.

    Be less-attached to your beliefs, and more-attached to feel the sanctity of this very moment, and of your fellow human beings.

    Personally, I think you misunderstand what Jesus was trying to teach.

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    I am a follower of the Christ Jesus the Christ, I believe in his words, I am his disciple and servant. The words Jesus has spoken revealed to me that what is called God by the Jews, Christians and Muslims is known as the Great Spirit, RA, the Sun God, Enlightenment and the Christ by many other nations and cultures.

    Jesus told me that I am a spirit, a spirit that never dies, the Spirit of Truth has told me that I am like an undying worm. They both have revealed to me that my spirit has lived many lives, that each life does not belong to me it belong to the spirit living inside my flesh body known as a soul. As a spirit I have no need for the things of this world, but my flesh has needs, but my body never stops it just changes from one form to another.

    Jesus has revealed to me that he is not God, that he is just the word of what we have named God. Jesus is not our savior, Jesus is the entity that came to bring us the truth about who we are and from where we came from.

    Jesus revealed to me that Buddhism was caused by the effect of the Christ's words on those of the 2nd earth age, in a Time when they lived in a land called Nod, a Time before he made them the sons o man human.


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    Because the Buddha is worthy of worship, and the Dalai Lama is worthy of respect. My feelings on this issue have been increased since reading your transparent and slightly desperate attempt to make them both look bad.

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    You quoted John 3:16 incorrectly. In my book it clearly says "son of God"

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    Because their religion is about spirituality. It is a "true" religion.

    CHristianity is a "dogma". It is based on the teachings and discipline of book written by men who had lied.

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    Same reason why anybody believes in any religion!

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    They don't worship Buddha; they revere him, but he isn't a god.

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