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How do you say that in Spanish?

Meet the drama club!

How do you say that in Spanish? It`s the title of an article that I`m writing for the school newspaper. Thanks in advance :)

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    I know this! I don't know the Spanish word for meet, so the word for meet, you change the stem to the opposite and make it plural. So if its leer for example, change it to "lean". Hope I helped.

    Source(s): Use the positive command plural!
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    Depends on whether you want to express as if it were directed to a formal or informal audience.

    Formal: "Conozcan al Club de Teatro"

    Informal: "Conoced al Club de Teatro"

    Drama is usually used for dramatic (sad) situations, not really referring to theatre.

    Also, I am not sure I would introduce it like that. It doesn't roll off the tongue (in Spanish). They would use something in the line of: "I introduce you to the drama club":

    Formal: "Les presento al Club de Teatro"

    Informal" Os presento al Club de Teatro".

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    Conoce el club de drama!

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