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Time to change to a big boy bed?

My 2 yr old can climb out of his crib if he is extremely motivated but he usually won't. If I put him in a big boy bed he'll run around the room in party mode. Is it definitely time for a big boy bed or can I delay it until he climbs out 50% of the time?

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    my 2 year old's been in a bottom bunk bed for over 6 months now. Sometimes we have to tell her to get back in bed and go to sleep but not often. We can't lock her in with a gate because her 4 year old sister shares the room. Be persistant and calm and he'll get used to it. He might panic if he can't get out of the room. Just send him back in if he does.

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    I would probably wait a little bit longer until he is climbing out more often. Then the teaching him to stay in his bed and that it is nap/bed time is the next step. You don't want to LET him run around the room and play because then he will think that it is always play time when you lay him down.

    Also the baby gate at the door is a really good idea, BUT I would make sure that the baby gate is a high one because if he can climb out of his crib then most likely he will be able to climb over the gate if it is one of those short little wooden ones. I always use one that is as tall as my son and he can't climb over it.

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    I would baby proof the room and put up a gate on the door and let him have at it. He will eventually crawl into bed and lay down and fall asleep. That's how I did with my 2 year old. Now he sleeps in his big boy bed.

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