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Anybody think online is boring?

I prefer the thrill of going up to a girl in real time, not knowing what's going to happen. I love knowing that a girl doesn't expect anything, and then give that smile when you ask her out. She goes brag to her friends and she's so high with excitement. Then you can look back at how you first met. Things you can tell your kids and laugh.

Usually with online, if people ask how you met, it's like "online"...that's it. Email person, person reply, text or chat, meet, end of story..boring.


Also the eye contacts..oohh...

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    I agree that meeting someone in person by any means (via friends or just having the balls to ask someone out) is much better than the online way. I think for a lot of people though the online is convenient for those who work all the time or who don't go out as much as they used to or at all. You can also argue that online is good for those who do not have the experience meeting people socially, so it can be a good place to start.

    If you were to find someone that has everything you ever wanted and your super happy with that person, it shouldn't matter where you met as long as you have someone. Don't forget that in today's day in age people don't communicate the same as they used to. When I was young you would call your friends and whoever on the phone. Now it's all done by texting and emails.

    In summation I prefer meeting someone in person as well because I personally prefer having a neat story to tell. And I dig magic if you know what I mean.

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    yes nice of you to catch up or realise it.......

    it takes a little while for some and a longer time maybe never for others...

    online for me is only to talk, message family on fb and answer questions here and thats it

    i wouldnt lower my IQ to pick up online..its sad

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    8 years ago

    Online is ****, I did this once and totally regretted it i will never ever do this again. Real life is much better. Online is for losers who cant do **** socially

    answer mine?;_ylt=Akmhj...

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