Parents if your child and a friend's kid have birthday that are close do you celebrate them together or no?

I was wondering if any parents have a child who has a birthday lets say within a week or two of a friend's child and if so would you celebrate both their birthday's at the same time or would you rather not? My birthday happens to be on may 1st and my friend's son has a birthday a few days after mine and my dad had suggested we celebrate them together but my mom doesn't agree with it mainly because I will be 24 and my friends son will be 8 so it would be kind of awkward for me at least. What do you think?

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    My friend's son's birthday is 4 days after my son's birthday. I never thought about having a birthday party together. A birthday is one special day for a person. I don't think it is something that should be shared (for a child). =]

    If you are uncomfortable then put your foot down. No worries.

  • 8 years ago

    Growing up, we had 6 birthdays in April. Ranging from grandparent to great grandchild. Because we were all close and there were people of all ages around we felt perfectly comfortable celebrating once in the month. I would say that if you are really close friends and the kids knows you and the other adults well, go for it. Kids will usually go off and find something to do on their own. A group of 8 year olds can entertain themselves fir hours. So just cut the cake a blow the candles out then let them be while adults just chill.

  • Kelsey
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    8 years ago

    ya that is a bit awkward only because im sure you would want to do something more adult then a skating party or something lol i personally would want a nice dinner with a few close friends then go out for some drink s and dancing

    but my daughters 3rd birthday party was a joint party with her bestfriend aka my bestfriends daughter because they do have the same circle of friends, its alot cheaper for parents to do it that way, buy 2 presents, only book off one day for work, some may have to travel a bit, get a babysitter for other kids

  • n2mama
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    8 years ago

    My daughter and my niece have birthdays only two days apart (they are four years apart in age though). We did a joint family party once, and I will never do it again. My sister-in-law asked me about doing the family party as a joint party, I said sure, then she proceeded to invite 11 people who weren't family to the party! When I asked her about it, her answer was "well, they're like family". To your kid maybe, but not to mine, so it ended up seeming like a big party for her daughter with a side mention of my daughter's birthday. It broke my heart to see my daughter hurt over this, and I vowed to never do it again. Maybe when they're older, but not while they're still young, it's not fair.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    nicely quite a few the time you do not have a say in even as your toddler will be born. in case you do have little ones with birthdays that are close jointly its significant to grant them their particular get jointly. attempt to maintain away from continuously having them share a get jointly and so forth. its ordinary for you yet they might favor to have separate activities. its their day even as they get each and every of the interest and it really occurs once a twelve months.

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    I am not a parent, but I don't think that's a good idea.

  • Ty
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    8 years ago


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