I am applying for a medical mission trip but I am atheist, should I lie and say I am Christian?

Hi I am an atheist college student at a christian university and I want to apply for a summer mission trip out of the country...the opportunity is amazing and desperately want to go. I love helping people plus the benefits of hands on medical experience..The issue is though...I am atheist and the essay questions ask about god and faith. Should I lie about believing in God just to get a spot? I feel strongly about honesty especially about faith...but is this one of those situations just to give the people what they want? Or if I was honest about not having faith would they still accept me? Seems a little unfair if they wouldn't, if u ask me


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just because i dont believe in a man in the clouds that rules the universe doesnt mean i do not want to help people in need...I just means i do not believe in the paranormal I like concrete facts

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    8 years ago
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    You'll probably know my attitude when you read my answer:

    YOU already know the answer.

    Be honest.

    Hell they'll probably relish the chance to convert you LOL.

  • 8 years ago

    You are just where God wants you to be, maybe? My idea would be to use an old story from the father of our faith, Abe : "Call into things that which is not.." how's that? I advise you to say you are a Christian and at the end of your mission trip it will most likely have come true; so why not act like one, speak like one, and go by ....Faith.. which means believing and walking in something that has not yet come true for you... and before you know it, your life will have the biggest thrill you will have experienced yet, living by faith.

    And of course as a good atheist truth and lying are really no sins for you; if there is a 'god' he will only wink at you anyway... so just have some fun with it and I'll pray for you that God will really bec. real to you. You are a sweet lady, ez to see. Ck out my favorite: Nick V. on YouTube@Nick VTV please.

    Source(s): Rom 4:17-22 Maybe look up Psalms 14:1 sometimes.
  • 8 years ago

    You wrote "I feel strongly about honesty especially about faith." Oh, please!! Can there be such a thing as an atheist with good moral values? Many would not think so. Prove them wrong and TELL THE TRUTH. Otherwise, your lie will likely be revealed when you are asked to pray out loud, to tell about your personal relationship with Jesus Christ, or to witness your faith to others.

    You've got much bigger problems than them being "unfair" about possibly not allowing an atheist on a mission trip; maybe God is tapping you on your shoulder and wants to introduce Himself to you. You could know Him for real before you go; and then you wouldn't have to lie to others, to God or to yourself about who you are. You and God would know that you really belong to Him forever-

    My best to you.

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  • janhoi
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    8 years ago

    Be Honest. This is coming from a Christian. There is no point in going on a trip, if the foundation of it is based on lying.

    But, just curious. Why would you want to go on a Christian mission trip? Usually, i would expect Atheists to mock something like that, or talk about how Christianity is destroying civilization and progress or something like that.

    Just curious

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  • Nous
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    8 years ago

    Surely it would be totally unchristians to refuse to allow you to help others?

    That said I have worked with lepers, in disaster areas, with aid agencies and in charities to help the poor and disadvantaged. I was a director of several charities, deputy chairman of two and also did a certain amount of voluntary work!

    Sadly we lost some great workers and had to move others due to the christian bullying and threats of hell and damnation.

    Then we went through the period where aid workers were being kidnapped and some sadly killed due to Chrsitians trying to use aid as a bribe to convert people!

    Now thankfully all the aid agencies have a binding code of conduct but it still has not stopped the problem entirely!

    All the aid agencies welcome anybody that want to help for altruistic reasons and would therefore welcome yourself!

    So challenge you group whether they are doing it for altruistic reasons or whether it is a cover and excuse to indoctrinate?!

  • 8 years ago

    No, you should not lie. That would show dishonesty. I will respect honesty, hard work. They may not, but it is better to yourself to hold true.

    What you do is answer truthfully that: "I do not know" Because you don't

    If flat out asked Do you believe in God? "If there is a God he has not reveled himself to me"

    Do not ever be disrespectful. Never gets anyone anywhere positive.

    Don't refer to God as "The man in the clouds" I would send you packing for being so disrespectful, I'm sure they would too.

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  • 8 years ago

    If it wasn't a religious school, I'd say its unfair, but I'm sure they assume everyone at the Christian University is Christian, you know? So, I'm sure they don't think of the unfairness of an atheist writing out a paper about God.

    I'd completely bullshit and have a laugh while doing so.

  • 8 years ago

    This is me, an atheist.

    I believe in being ethical.

    I am sure you could write an essay about why you want to be on this mission, on how important it is to you and to those who you might treat without having to use god or faith in your essay.

    If you could write such and essay, would that follow your ethical standards?

  • Frog
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    8 years ago

    There must be somewhere you can find the criteria for acceptance to the programme.

    Assuming you are right, wouldn't you be better going with a group who didn't attach strings to their aid?

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