Cant accept girlfriends past?

my girlfriend used to be a really big whore, and it really really bothers me, i kind of just let it go for the longest time and i have such strong feelings for her. she really loves me and is so happy that someone cares about her and doesn't just want to **** her. Which is true, i really do care about her and she is really great. but i honestly cannot stand her past, everytime i think of the guys shes been with it makes me sick. I feel horrible cause i care about her so much, but i like can't get over what shes done, its disgusting and i hate it. Im wondering if i should even be with her anymore cause in the back of my mind its always there. but at the same time im worried for her sake that if i leave her she'll go right back to it. i dont know i am so confused any help will do

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  • 8 years ago

    You cant stay with her just because you know she will go back to that or THINK she will go back to that.. If she does that is HER choice, it is not something that you did to her or made he do. Really it comes down to do you ever thing you will be able to get past this? If it is going to bother you literally FOREVER then you need to cut your losses and let her go. BUT you need to remember that everyone has a past also ... and you now do with her, the older you get the bigger the past but like if her number is like ...HUGE then I would maybe back away. Also do you trust her? I think part of the reason you have such a big problem with this is lack of trust. so yet again if you cant trust her then well ... ALSO if she is your first and your not hers it can be hard I was my bf's 4th and he was my first and it was hard, I hated it for a bit but I am over it now... I think of it as It is not what you did but what you do!

    ALSO! You don't want to make a huge deal about it because she CAN'T change it ... you either need to get over it or move on as hard as that sounds don't make her talk about it or make her feel bad about it. This is not suppose to be her making you feel better but you making you feel better..

    ALSO again lol Look at your first line "my girlfriend used to be a really big whore" ... Not the word I would have used for the girl of my dreams regardless of her actions, that makes me think there is a LOT of resentment there..

    Good luck :)!

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  • 8 years ago

    I had the same problem with my ex.. Heard she had bin with a lot of people and thought she would definitely cheat on me. I was wrong she was faithful and we had a really good relationship. Think of the amount of boys that are exactly the same.. sleep with girls after girls after girls. Women rarely judge a guy for having a higher than normal number of previous sex partners so guys shouldn't judge the same.. after all a lot of people are like that when there younger. Sex is new exciting and fun. You shouldn't break up because of it. People change and often regret there past mistakes/actions. I know where your coming from but its a totally typical lad way of thinking. I wouldnt worry about it and be thankful that at least shes attractive enough to have fun with that many people.. there's some girls out there that cant land them self one night of sex ;) good luck neway bro

  • 8 years ago

    Yea it would play with my mind if i were in that situation . If she was a massive whore then i personally would not forgive that . I would get rid of her . She should have more self respect for herself and i just could not stand the fact she was just some trashy slut .

  • 8 years ago

    If she's changed it shouldn't bother you. You seem to really love her so I wouldn't let the mistakes she made in the past break up the relationship. But if it's really bothering you why don't you just talk to her about it?

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  • 4 years ago

    whats up whats up whats up whats up! awaken! in case you like her, in simple terms settle for her previous, ignore & pass on! previous is previous & it particularly is going to by no skill bypass decrease back! you may settle for the certainty that she has been with different adult adult males in mattress till now you, carried out issues worse or greater effective than you, yet she is yours now. in simple terms yours till you come to a decision to interrupt up. That feeling is typical yet once you particularly love her you will in simple terms ignore approximately it & think of of what you 2 can do mutually interior the destiny. whats up! stop thinking approximately intercourse it is not what I meant. What I mean is which you are going to be married, have childrens prettier that any of you & stay fortunately without thinking with regards to the previous. To be truthful approximately my contemporary spouse, i became no longer her first, it became an unpleasant rat face, yet i do no longer care, i'm mad on the rat confronted madafaking as*hollow stupid moron limp dildo, yet to no longer my spouse. it particularly is because of fact i admire her that plenty I settle for her previous & set it aside & in simple terms delight in being mutually. Come on dude, it is not worry-free to discover a virgin those days. i've got study questions approximately 13 365 days olds asking if it particularly is the wonderful time to have intercourse, & it particularly is in simple terms unhappy. in simple terms delight in the 2nd you have along with your gf. sturdy success.

  • 8 years ago

    That's a normal thought

    If that's consuming your happiness with her then break up with her

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