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Is there any way of hiding a deformed arm?

Due to a birth defect, my left arm is shorter, has no elbow, and only 3 fingers. Most women online keep telling me they would date me regardless and I mostly believe them, but I can't tell if they're just saying they would to be nice.

So is there any way of covering it up without driving women away? Such as using a glove?

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    If a woman can't except you for your differences she's not worth having.

    As far as I'm concerned, you could be horribly deformed and it wouldn't matter (not that you are. I've met people with worse) its what's in your heart <3

    I'm sure you just feel like its super unattractive because you're self-conscious about it.

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    If you dont like it wear a long sleeve over it or something. Dont hide it though, she will see it eventually and if she doesnt care then she wouldnt have cared from the beggining, you know?

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