Is it normal to have a hard time with college?

I am currently attending Weber State. Yet, I am frustrated because I hear friends saying how well they are doing when I m struggling. Is it normal to have semester or two where you really do not do near as well as you could have? Is it normal to second guess your college major after you thought you had your mind made up? I need answers. So many things as far as this topic keep going through my head.

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  • 8 years ago
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    College requires some adjustment. The courses have more work, and students are more responsible for managing their time. Sometimes study skills need to be worked on, too. So, yes, it's normal for some students to have some trouble making that adjustment.

    Second-guessing your major is also very normal. People often change their major once or even more times. Don't worry too much about your major right now. Use your first and second years to explore different subjects and see what you like.

    However, even though having trouble adjusting to the college workload - or to the self-discipline needed to get the work done - is normal, you can't just let things slide. Your school probably offers a study skills course and peer tutoring, and your professors probably have office hours where you can get help.

  • 8 years ago

    VERY normal.

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