How can i grow more confidence in this ?

Okay So Ive been going out with this boy for almost 3 months now, i met him because his friend who knew me made me and him meet. The thing is that he really liked me when he met me . at that time i was kind of sad because i had broke up with my ex like a month ago and everyone was telling me to go out with him because i needed to move on and he was a way better guy than my ex . den wen we went out i didnt care about anything i just said yes to him when he asked me out . . . . . So the problem is i just Dont like his looks that much :/ but i dont care bout that .. i do have feelings for him :) I hate when everyone tells me he's really ugly and i just feel really bad ... i still want to be with him but i want to grow positive feelings about him and not care what other people say :( what can i do ? i hate when people tell me he's ugly i want to just put my head down and not talk to anyone .

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  • 8 years ago
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    Don't care what other people say, it all matters what you think and no one else. Try to see him in a new light or picture him differently, maybe suggest to him he dress differently to your liking? If you have feelings for him that is what matters unlike many people who are only in it for the looks no matter what type of person it is. Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and comes from within.

    Source(s): High school years. Happy and sad that part of my life is over, way too much drama.
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