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Am I a bad artist?....?

I paint a lot and draw with charcoal. I mostly do portraits and sketches. Anyway my brother that's in a band asked me to design his band logo, I've never done that before and I know how to use photoshop but i usually don't. I tried anyway and he laughed and said he's gonna pay someone else to do it. Do I suck since I can't design? Does this mean I'm not creative ?

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    Don't be too hard on yourself.One of the things you will learn in becoming an Artist,is that you can't please everyone. Work mainly on pleasing yourself and that could take some time.You will be your toughest customer for a while. Designing logo's is a knack all it's own,and it took a few years until I was comfortable with my drawing skills before I could relax my guidelines and design. It does not mean that you are not creative,it may mean that you might help yourself better by filling your imagination with more "stuff". By "stuff" I mean experience.You say charcoal,I say like charcoal pencils?Sticks? Have you tried Conte Crayons? It's compressed charcoal in black,grey,burnt sienna.

    What color paper do you use? Try the pale shades of orange,yellow,green.And try using a white compressed charcoal pencil for highlights,or a kneaded eraser for removing small areas in your work.

    Source(s): Personal experience and will always be adding to your skills as you keep drawing, and unless you go to a planet with no people,there will always be opportunities to test yourself.
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    Drawing and sketching is quite technically different from designing a logo. Also graphic designers don't usually design logos in Photoshop. Most prefer to use vector image editing software such as Adobe Illustrator - because vector graphics are rescalable without degradation in quality.

    To be honest, there are similarities in the creative processes involved in drawing and any type of design, but if it's something you have never done before, then I am not surprised you are having some difficulty.

    No it doesn't mean you are not creative, it just means you don't have much experience in creating logos. You CAN learn of course!!!

  • I wouldn't worry about it. Everyone has their niche... for me I paint dolls and minis as well as draw anime. I can't draw realistic styles though and I've never designed a logo. If you never did so before of course it won't come out well. It all takes practice.

    Source(s): I'm an artist.
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    Not at all, design and art are two related, but separate fields.

    Not all designers are great illustrators, some are really good at layout and establishing hierarchy though.

    Also, working with tools we aren't comfortable with always shows in the quality.

    There's ALWAYS room for improvement.

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    Of course it doesn't!

    Designing logos just probably isn't your strong point, especially if you haven't done it before. It certainly doesn't mean you aren't creative!

    I wouldn't worry about it :).

    Source(s): I'm the same, I draw and sketch alot but I am terrible at designing things like logos.
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