I want my best friend to be my girlfriend. Christmas gift. PLZ help me guys and gals?

SO. My best friend knows that I absolutely love her. We hang out all the time, and we are just really close. It's really strange because usually, I noticed that after a guy gets shut down by a girl, and he keeps trying-that girl usually puts some distance btwn them and the guy goes into the creeper pile. However, that has not happened. Anyways, this christmas I want to do something crazy. There are 2 gifts I'm thinking of.

1. A necklace. Anywhere from 150-250 bucks. (This is a shock and Aww tactic! She would be taken aback)

2. A globe. (Yes, a nice looking glass globe to be more precise). I'm joke around a lot, so this gift would be more comical. I would give her a globe to show that I want to give her the world. I'd write a note a long with it explaining the gift and say things like, "today I give you the world, and tomorrow all else in it" you know-poetic stuff.

Also, just for your own information. Sometimes she'll hold my hand out of nowhere, and doesn't mind sleeping in the same bed as me

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    i dont know kitty4 makes a valid point it would make sense to ask her, though something more personal and her not suspecting a gift from you might be better. A necklace would be the most obvious choice, i mean who wouldnt want pretty and expensive jewelery.. but the globe idea does sound more personal and more like you, then you add the nice little poem and what not..hmm.. i'd go with the globe its more witty and personal i'd say, but thats just me. and by the sounds of it it might be safe to assume she already likes you, a lot..Peace

  • 8 years ago

    Go with the globe and on the note write something like "I'll miss you" because you won't be seeing her anymore after that.

  • 8 years ago

    Just ask her what she would want for Christmas

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