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Do I have tourette syndrome or aspergers?

So I know that ADHD and I have pretty bad ADHD. But the main question, During the day I will rapidly blink my eyes and raise my eye brows, also if I think a word looks even the tiniest bit weird I will erase it and do It again. My room is really messy and same goes for my bag but If I am playing a game like janga with blocks and it is on a table I need to line the pieces that i have won exactly on the edge of the table. I never feal like I am standing rite so I always cross my arms but then people get the sense that I am trying to be really sereas. I roll my eyes and at randome times I will just start staring and what looks like daydreaming but I'm actualy listning, the teachers think thats disrespectfall but I cant help it. I also need to draw to concentrait but the teachers don't alow that eather. I never feal exepted when i am with a grupe of friends, like I alwease feal like the od one out. I am in middle school and 13.

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    I doubt you have aspergers but you might be autistic on the low side of the spectrum. I would get tested if I were you. then you can get help with some stuff and the teachers might be a little nicer. you might just have a severe case of OCD though.

    Source(s): My brother is autistic
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    Sounds more like Aspergers than Tourette's. Talk to your parent or guardian, seek medical help.

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    Obsessive Compulsive more than ADHD or anything else. I'd say OCD, yeah ocd!

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