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I lost my kitten? And stressing out?

Hes such a little dear, a black kitten, 6 weeks old, with soft fur and a great personality. And ive lost him, and i dont know what to do. I am in hysterics and crying and moaning and searching the house. Its been twenty minutes since hes left, and I don't know what to do. Any advice? 10 points for a useful answer <3


I think it may have left at the back door, which may have been open when my stupid brother went out.

I know it is very young, but the breeders insisted on six weeks.

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    What do you mean you've "lost him"? Did he let him outside? Or is he just lost somewhere in your house? GO LOOK FOR HIM! What good is posting this? Some places to look:

    - under your bed

    - INSIDE your bed. Feel around the bottom for any holes in your mattress or box spring.

    - inside closets

    - under dressers

    - inside drawers - since he's small he could have crawled behind the back of a dresser and gotten inside a drawer

    - make sure there aren't any gaps under your bathroom or kitchen cabinets he could have crawled into

    - under your sink

    - kitchen cabinets

    Walk room to room squeaking/jingling a toy and calling him.

    Why do you have such a young kitten? It should have stayed with the mother cat until it was at least eight weeks old.

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    I'm really sorry I've been there before too. Keep looking and don't panic too much hopefully you'll find him soon. My cat sometimes tries to run away and I always find him but I do freak out too. Usually calling him helps and listening carefully outside in case he moves and you hear movements. Maybe someone kept the door open or something and he walked out. Thats what my cat does and I get sad and mad at him cause he's an indoor cat also.

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    Check behind furniture, inside drawers, inside closets, under furniture, turn off everything in the house and listen for his meow.

    If he's outside, you may have to go to the shelter and put up posters to try and find him.

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    I am so sorry hear that do not worry you can find it

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