Does my daughter have a learning disability?

She has always had bad grades and I mean bad ever since sixth grade she's gotten f's (she's a sophomore now) she lives with her grandparents in seventh grade she lived with her aunt then moved with me move with her other uncle and aunt moved back with me and then just moved with her grandma. Her dad use to be a drug addict so he isn't mentally available for her. Her aunt passed away when she was nine( they were very close) and her great grandpa(only grandpa) passed away in sixth-grade. It surprises me that she has bad grades, she is a wonderful writer and plays the violin but she never gets math or science or never truly applies herself, but I know she does and she tells me she does and she tells me she has a bad time trying to concentrate. I feel that she has depression because there has been a lot going in in her life.

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  • 8 years ago
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    She certainly has not had a calm and stable home life and that can be extremely emotionally stressful and terribly distracting. I believe it's very likely that this would make it quite difficult for her to focus on applying herself to school work. Given what she's gone through I would not assume that her difficulties are related to any learning disability or intrinsic problem within her. I would first suspect that her life circumstances have played a rather large roll in creating her problems with school work. And yes, a kid could be depressed because of these things.

  • 8 years ago

    I have chronic depression, and before I was diagnosed (I was at age 13, im now 16) I obviously was depressed, stressed, and had many mood swings. I chose the flute, and it might just be that your daughter chose the violin, to help me calm down and release the stress and tension. Have a calm talk with her, and ask what you can do to help:) after I started taking my meds, my grades improved greatly!

    Source(s): Personal experience
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