My boyfriend lasts too long, what should I do?

Most guys have the opposite problem of not lasting long enough, but my boyfriend last for at least 40 minutes with a condom on and even with foreplay. I orgasm within the first 3 minutes. Any suggestions? :/

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  • Rahul
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    8 years ago
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    Could be pressure -- even though you don't pressure him. Sometimes its hard to orgasm if your mind is on other things , think of yourself ... and how sometimes if your mind wanders to something else it takes a while to come, if it all on those days. Is there any stress going on in his life right now that might be making his brain not relax?

    Does he have fears of getting you pregnant? Are you on the pill ? Is he using a condom? Sometimes fear can make a guy lose an erection/ and or make it hard to orgasm. Condoms reduce sensativity, I say wear it anyway if thats the issue, and he will eventually get use to coming that way.

    Talk to him and make sure he's not masturbating. That would be my first guess. You said he doesn't, but I'm not sure he's telling the truth. If a young male in good health goes a couple days without a release, he shouldn't take so long. Definitely needs to hold out on masturbating, a lot of guys wont admit to doing it recently to their gf... for some weird reason but if he's tugging one out in the morning when he gets up, he's going to take a little bit longer to orgasm for you later. It sounds like he understands that so it shouldn't be the issue.

    Any distractions when you are having sex? Does he know you want him to finish sooner? The pressure to come might have an opposite effect. Tell him you don't care when or if he comes when you have sex, that you just want it to feel good to both of you... if it happens it happens, and thats great.

    Also, if he's willing to do it - I'd say quit the blow jobs for a while. Just engage in straight sex. He'll get more and more used to it.

    When you feel him getting close, during sex, keep up with whatever your doing. If he's trying to impress and change positions and all that and is focused more on performance it will be harder for him to orgasm. You can also try (if you don't already) a little dirty talk, role play or fantasy swapping during sex to heat it up a bit.

    In a lighter tone "Other women would be glad to grab this Guy"

    Good Luck>r

  • Mugen
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    8 years ago

    40 mins? He's lucky if you ask me, i go for hours and many times i still can't finish. But i did realize a way to help me a bit, that's having sex less frequent. For me, anymore than once a week and usually it's a problem and i won't come more than once during that week, girl gets really sore and i feel bad so i stop. So i try to do it once a week or once every two weeks, this makes me really turned on and i can finish within 10 to 15 mins. Another thing to do is give him a hj or bj after you orgasm.

  • 8 years ago

    Try different positions or preforming oral on him for a bit first. If you focus on him some more it may help some.

  • Lizzie
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    8 years ago

    Tell him to stop masturbating.

    Alternatively, make sex about you. Don't please his dick all the time and soon he'll be craving it and wont be lasting as long.

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