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Girl I liked got a boyfriend?

I became good friends with her 3 months ago and we would talk everyday but all of a sudden I found out she got a BF today.... and she told me shes been with him for about a month and I asked her why she didnt tell me and she said she didnt want me to feel bad. And I KNOW the guy which makes me feel worse... I hate this feeling when I know Im going to be depressed for the next couple months. Can someone help me what should I do.

Im trying to break ties with her but she keeps saying I am her friend and that he is her BF and its different. And that she begged me not to leave her, but I really feel like I should and move on.


thing is, she doesnt know i like her and Im never going to tell her that, shes always thought of me as a good supportive friend..

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    Man this happend to me last year. I would remain friends if you really care about her you should at least keep that. If her BF and her dont stay together go from their. Dont try and break them up she will lose trust in you.

  • 8 years ago

    Tell her the situation is to painful/uncomfortable for you, that you need to find your own happiness. and that watching her with him would only hurt you, slowly breaking your heart into pieces and then finally grinding it into dust.

    I know something like that....

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    8 years ago

    i would say just try to talk to her and explain that the situation is hard for you becasuse you still or used to have feelings for her and now you feel out of place because its not appropriate for you to feel that way about her anymore

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