A little long, but you'll like my situation, I think. But help!?

Ok so there's this new girl at work. I introduced myself we got each others names and smiles and all. We talk and she asks me for help around the store when she needs it. I gladly help her without a problem. We greet each other every morning and talk when we can during our breaks. After work the other day we got out at the same times. She had to wait for her parents to pick her up. I saw her alone and said hi and asked If she wanted me to keep her company. She smiled and said sure. I accompanied her and told her I was gonna get some Starbucks. So I asked if she minded walking a bit and joined me. Since we work at an outlet mall we walked the way. We walked for about a good ten minutes asking each other questions about what we do when we don't work, and about school, some family and made jokes about our job. Then we get to Starbucks and find out its closed. So we walk back. She got a call saying they were waiting for her so we started walking faster. Then we both took false steps and bumped into each other face to face and fell into a hug before we said bye to each other. We laughed and said good night. I haven't gotten her number or anything yet. Cause I don't wanna makes things go too fast cause I actually wanna start something with her. She doesn't work again until Saturday. What can I do to get closer without being creepy. I'm confident around her but I can get nervous sometimes. So help me out? How can I start a good real relationship with her? I really like this girl. Thanks!! :)

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  • 8 years ago

    Aww, this sounds really cute! I think you should ask for her number the next time you see her, or at least be friends with her on Facebook if you and her have Facebook and if you aren't already friends. Just go with the flow and have fun with it. Take a chance and ask her out. She sounds really nice and so do you! You may have a great chance of making it work. Good luck! :)

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