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Do I have aspergers or OCD?

So I know that ADHD and I have pretty bad ADHD. But the main question, During the day I will rapidly blink my eyes and raise my eye brows, also if I think a word looks even the tiniest bit weird I will erase it and do It again. My room is really messy and same goes for my bag but If I am playing a game like janga with blocks and it is on a table I need to line the pieces that i have won exactly on the edge of the table. I never feal like I am standing rite so I always cross my arms but then people get the sense that I am trying to be really sereas. I roll my eyes and at randome times I will just start staring and what looks like daydreaming but I'm actualy listning, the teachers think thats disrespectfall but I cant help it. I also need to draw to concentrait but the teachers don't alow that eather. I never feal exepted when i am with a grupe of friends, like I alwease feal like the od one out. I am in middle school and 13.


This has bean going on for a realy long time

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    8 years ago

    Hey there! It does not sound like you have Aspergers. At age 13 you are going through a lot of changes in your body. Your body is adapting to the hormonal changes which could be causing some of your symptoms. I would suggest going to see a Chiropractor. If you go to a MD they will just put you on medications. At your age, or ANY age medications are not healthy. A chiropractor will be able to adjust your spine so that your brain and nervous system will be able to function properly. Most kids that have ADHD do NOT need to be on medications but DO need to see a psychologist to help them understand their feelings and how to outlet their energy as well as see a Chiropractor to take care of their nervous system.

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    8 years ago

    Neither. Asperger patients don't ever suspect themselves of having a mental disorder and your symptoms are inconsistent to be ocd. Even teachers think i always daydream. It's called having dumb look. See, you and I have somwthing in common. Cheer up buddy

    Source(s): Final year MBBS student
  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Neither! You have a teenage internet self-diagnosis. Try asking a doctor instead!

    Source(s): reality
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