I feel like I'm dying?

I feel awful all over

I woke up feeling a little sick ( in the throat like congestion )

I woke up at 1am officially ( I kept going back to bed ) ( went asleep around 5 )

Throughout the day I've been spitting out" snot " but I stopped in the afternoon

It's now the next day 12:01 am

The past hour or so I felt "heavy pain" in the back of my head. Like inside. And when I swallow I can definitely feel it. It's like there's and bunch of stuff clogging it right there.

I also have a stuffy nose.

Sore / hurting bones in the upper body but it seems like my bodys beginning to hurt all over.

My eyes definitely hurt

My back neck and arms are in much pain

I've never felt like this, it feels a little unnatural,

What is it? What do I do ?

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  • Topaz
    Lv 6
    8 years ago

    You have the flu.

    Get some Nightqil so you can sleep. It knocks you out quick so drink it sitting on your bed. By the time you lay down, you are knocked out. It stops the coughing, snot, and all the other stuff so you can sleep.

    When you wake up drink some chicken soup and some noodles and some saltine crackers. Drink some 7up or some water with some lemon slices in it. The chicken soup will make you feel better and the saltines will give you salt back in your body. After you eat and drink, go back to sleep. Your body needs rest so it can heal itself. When you get up again, eat some apples, some grapes, some bananas. Drink some more water and 7up. Keep your fluids up so you can pee out the inflammation of the flu.

    You should be ok by Saturday.

    Source(s): a mom
  • 8 years ago

    that my friend is what you call a flu.

    rest, and meds usually do the trick.

    and lots of fluids too.

    don't panic. you are definitely not dying.

    read the site i credited for my source.

    now go get some rest!

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