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Why doesn't god provide his precious children with enough food?

What is the significance of people starving? I can't imagine there being any important lessons to learn from this. And even if there are not everyone has to learn them so why is that???

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    God has provided enough sustenance for everybody, but we're the ones who aren't giving to the poor. We've got millionaires and billionaires, all of whom do not care about others. Jesus said to give to the poor, and I know socialists and communists are going to come out and accuse me, but Jesus didn't say the government should give to the poor, He said that we should give to the poor.

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    Unfortunately there are those who eat more than they should. If someone eats enough food to feed 5 armies, then that is less food for the starving.

    There was a man who made a huge buffet. There was so much delicious food everywhere. In came two men. One of the men went through and selfishly took all the food. He scarfed it down like there was no tomorrow. Sauce dribbled down his face. He let out a ginormous belch and a fart so loud it broke the sound barrier. The other man, sadly, only got one teensy little tiny crumb. The man who had ate all the food saw how thin and frail the other man was. He saw that he had no food. PFFFTTT! He lifted his leg and farted again. Man those were mighty good beans!

    After easing his internal pressure, he slowly got up and stormed over to the cook. Pointing a chubby finger, he said, "You evil person! That poor man in there is starving to death! You didn't provide enough food! *BRAAAP!* You ought to be ashamed! Low life scum! *PFFFFT!" So after having told the cook off, the cook replies, "I have provided enough food, but you ate more than what you were supposed to. You didn't share with your fellow man. You had to have it all for yourself. Don't accuse me when it was your own greed that caused this."

    The man thinks deeply about what was said..then he responds as he is best known to do....


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    God provides enough for all. And people were given intellect to improve and produce much more, like aeroponics (look into it!) But you can't grow food in a warzone. Or when peope battle and won't cooperate with each other. Or when $$ given to poor countries is stolen by the dictators and their cohorts before it gets to where it will do good. Or when people wreck the environment, like the cause of the 'Dust Bowl" in the US in the '30s. Blame the evil human beings impose on each other. God provides; human beings inhibit production, destroy the earth and deny people the food thy need.

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    Why don't you provide God's precious children with food? Why is it only up to the Mormon and Catholic charities to provide help to the needy? What did you do about it? Oh that's right, not a damned thing.

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  • garnan
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    8 years ago

    You can't blame God on starving people. It's man greed that is controlling the food supply. Wars and pollution are the result of men not God.

  • Amy
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    There is enough food but it isn't evenly distributed. Some people have way more than they need and some don't have enough.

    That's not God's fault, it's the fault of the human race who can't share and take care of those less fortunate.

  • God always takes care of His children! This is all explained in the King James bible!

    You have to ask yourself why it is that you dont understand Gods word,..if you did,than youd already understand the answer to your question!

    No ones Gods children unless they are in fact Christians,and,..God only takes care of Christians that walking the light and not the ones that choose to walk sinful rebellion!

  • Me
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    We produce enough food to support 11 billion people very year. Yet there are only 7 billion people and a large proportion of them are starving or malnourished, while others die of conditions that result from obesity like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

    Most of that food is used to feed livestock instead of feeding the poor, just so we can eat meat instead of vegetation because we prefer it.

    There is no god; we cultivate our own food but we utilize and distribute it very, very poorly.

  • Owl
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    8 years ago

    He does.

    "The world already produces more than 1 ½ times enough food to feed everyone on the planet."

    "The world produces enough food to feed everyone. World agriculture produces 17 percent more calories per person today than it did 30 years ago, despite a 70 percent population increase."

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    Maybe its the rich of this world stealing from the poor that is the reason, ppl gotta have their mansions, their exotic vacations whenever they please, their numerous hookers to lavish their money on, millions and millions of dollars spent on sinning instead of starving children. It's not God to blame, its those ppl.

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