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Guys please help me out.?

Well, i used to play soccer like 2 or 3 years ago and i want to play again. I used to be goalie. I was a average goalie. I sometimes made mistakes like letting the ball slip from my hand, under my legs. In the semi-finals i think, i let 5 goals in. I just hated myself. Now, i wanna play again but, i don't know if i should play goalie again or try mid- field. I have decent speed, shot, defense and passing abillities . Then again, i'm kinda good at goalie to. My uncle tries scoring on me and i can save em' all. (He's a striker in a team) I'm only 14 by the way. So, i don't know. Any tips? My father is coming to visit me, and gonna take me to the park so he can shoot some goals at me. Also one other thing, after my goalkeeping times, my two knee just hurt .Like if run, dive , and jump. It hurts. Would you suggest a knee brace? ( Thanks if you read this whole thing, to try to help me.(: )

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    If you enjoy goalkeeping go for it. However, if you want to make a elite/academy team you must practice a lot to get better. It might be better to be a goalie considering you have more experience as one. Knees hurting are natural for a goalie because of diving, so you can decide yourself if it hurts enough to get a brace.

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