Buy a used engine or rebuild the one i have?

Okay so i have a Acura Integra LS, its my first car and I LOVE THE CAR!!!! I want to get a couple opinions on if I should just rebuild the engine or buy a used one?

Engine Problems:

1. Leaks oil (I'm not sure where or how many spots)

2. the engine has 302,xxx miles on it... there is a couple more minor things wrong with it.

What I want to do to the engine:

1. Turbo it and give it a Blow Off Valve...

Pretty Much I want to make it a fast car that can take on a rich kids with fancy cars. what do you think I should do? thanks!

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  • 8 years ago
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    It depends where it's leaking oil. Some spots, such as a head gasket, you might as well buy a new engine. Cracked block, you're pretty much SOL. Get what you can off of it. You can sell it to a junkyard.

    Turbocharging the engine is not a simple or cheap project. It'll run you a few grand for the turbo alone. Add on labor charges if you don't DIY it. You also have to have forged internals. The engine can't handle the extra power with stock internals. You'll blow the engine if you don't do that. It'll end up costing more than that car is worth.

    I don't know what fancy cars you're talking about. Mercedes, BMW, I assume? A lot of the price in those cars is for the interior, the luxury and of course, the name. Same for Ferrari. A Corvette ZR1 will beat a Ferrari 599. They've been tested and raced against each other, the Corvette won. But the Ferrari is, well, a Ferrari. Much better interior and of course, it's the name. So it cost 3 times as much as the ZR1. Expensive cars don't always meet up to performance expectations.

    Here's my advice. Fix the leaks if it's not a more serious leak like a cracked block. Work out those minor things. Keep it as a daily driver. Find a project car to work on and use that to race. Your Acura is a small V4. It's not meant to race. You can find a used Trans Am that would leave a turbocharged Integra in the dust, for maybe 10 grand. You'd end up spending that much on the Integra to turbocharge it. And that's a stock Trans Am. You can go on from there and add HP.

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    8 years ago

    buy a used engine but have it checked out first

    if you want power by a gsr engine or a s 2000 engine if you can afford it

    if and when you turbo it don`t go too high with the boost or it`ll break

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  • 8 years ago

    buy used it saves you in the long run my friend

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