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NBA Survery Tonight!!!!!?

In your opinion:

1.) Rank these four West teams from best to worst: Minnesota Timberwolves, Houston Rockets, Golden State Warriors, Denver Nuggets

2.) Who is the most improved player of the year so far?

3.) Would you rather have Dwight Howard or Kevin Love on your team for the next 5 years?

4.) What length should the NBA shot clock be?

5.) Are the Knicks are a better team without Amare Stoudamire?

6.) What new rule would you add to the NBA if you were the commissioner?

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    1) Nuggets, Houston, GSW, Minny

    2) Harden...His stats have obviously improved dramatically just in scoring alone.

    3) Howard...Not hating on Love, but Howard is Howard.

    4) 24 seconds is good enough. Not too long, not too short.

    5) Yes. Both he and 'Melo are ball-hogs and that is why it didn't work. Make him the 'captain' of the 2nd unit and he will be much better off...unless he can learn to play with Carmelo.

    6) New rule? I'd create a hard cap. People complain about the league not being fair some teams can spend more than others....if you want fairness, a hard cap is the only way to go. A soft cap allows you to spend above the traditional salary cap; however, you need to pay a fee (luxury tax)'s stupid. The NBA hurts themselves with this rule. If you bar a team to only spend 50 million dollars, they'll find a way to make it work and the league would be much more evenly competitive.....when you have a soft cap, you have a team that is forced to spend only 45-50 million because that's its limit; however, you have a team like the Lakers who can spend 75 million...and of course they will have the better roster.

    Hard cap = more evenly competitive roster, which means more even teams for the most part.

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    1. Warriors, Nuggets, T-Wolves, Rockets

    Warriors are highest in the standings of all four, having beaten the Clips, Nets, and Hawks. Without Bogut. Nuggets have some solid wins over good teams (including 2 on the Dubs) but seem pretty inconsistent so far. T-Wolves need Rubio, period, or they're lottery bound. Even though Harden's been heating up the Rockets are still below .500. Lin needs to improve

    2. Ersan Ilyasova.

    But actually, probably Jrue Holiday

    3. Kevin Love, isn't a crybaby and he can shoot

    4. 24 seconds is just about dandy

    5. Judging from how they were with him, yes, but we'll see when he returns

    6. Add in a 4 point line from 35 feet out

  • 1.

    1) Denver Nuggets (because I always put the playoff team first)

    2) Houston Rockets (I may not like Lin, but I love how Harden is looking)

    3) Golden State (Sorry but you guys haven't shown me anything yet)

    4) Minnesota (Love may be back, but until I see a healthy Rubio they're gonna be cellar dwellers)

    2. James Harden (Not improved as a player but you know the award goes to the most drastic statistical change)

    3. Kevin Love (And to me, it isn't close)

    4. 24 Seconds.

    5. If Amare can put his ego aside, they'll be much better with him. I actually have a feeling Rasheed will keep him in check somewhat. Guys respect Sheed, always have.

    6. No TV timeouts, and for a regular rule I'd give technicals far more often to guys for complaining. I'm so sick of guys bitching like crazy whenever a call goes against them. T them out then chuck them out. That'll get them to shut up.

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    1. Denver Nuggets, Houston Rockets, Minnesota T Wolves, GS Warriors

    2. Jrue Holiday

    3. Dwight Howard

    4. 24 seconds

    5. Yes

    6. You no longer have to be one year removed from graduating high school to enter the league.

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    1. Nuggets, Timberwolves, Warriors, Rockets. Nuggets are one of the better teams in the West; Timberwolves are getting there. Warriors have a good roster, but their future rests on the ankles of Curry and Bogut. Rockets have too many rookies and young players to make much of a splash; Jeremy Lin has not lived up to potential yet.

    2. There's many options as usual, but I'm going to go with Jrue Holiday. Really has all the signs of a breakout year, and has increased his scoring by a full 5 points per game (with about the same decent field goal percentage as last year and a burning hot 3pt percentage) and even doubled his assists from 4.5 a game to 9.1 a game so far. Really developing into a leader for the 76ers; he just needs to cut down on his turnovers and possibly improve his field goal percentage a little bit.

    3. Dwight Howard. No contest. No disrespect to Love, but he can't defend. Dwight's the best defensive big in the game, and an absolutely fantastic help defender. Ibaka might average more blocks, but overall defense includes altered shots and intimidation - and nobody can beat Howard there. Plus Howard's a pretty good center on offense - he might not have much of a post game, but his strength and unreal athleticism for his position allows his to punish almost all 1v1 matchups in the paint. He's averaged 20 points a season for the past couple of years so you can't fault him there. Granted Love is somewhat better offensively - but defensively, Howard destroys Love.

    4. 24 seconds is fine; I see no problem there. I like the rules for the clock as they are: 12 minute quarters, 24 second shot clock, 3 second rule in the paint, and 8 second rule to cross backcourt on offense.

    5. The record speaks for itself. STAT had a great 2011 season, but a reduced role due to Carmelo Anthony has wreaked havoc on his production and game. At this point, he's a chemistry and streak killer.

    6. I don't know. There's enough conspiracy talk about the league being rigged, but people watch it anyway.

  • 1. Nuggets, Timberwolves, Warriors, Rockets

    2. Jrue Holiday

    3. Dwight Howard, he can play offense and defense, and in 5 years that should be when he begins to decline signifigantly.

    4. 24 is good

    5. Yes, playing Melo at the 4 causes mismatch problems and they can space the floor with shooters like JR Smith, Steve Novak, etc.

    6. If you make a pass and a guy is fouled, if he makes both free throws, give the guy an assist.

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    1. T-Wolves, Nuggets, Rockets, Warriors

    2. OJ Mayo

    3. Kevin Love

    4. 24

    5. No

    6. No offensive goaltending.

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    All 100%

    1. Wolves- They need to just get healthy and get all their players back.

    2. Nuggets

    3. Warriors

    4. Rockets

    2. O.J Mayo- He averaged 12ppg last season and now he's the 7th leading scorer in the NBA at 21ppg.

    3. Dwight Howard

    4. 24 secs

    5. Yes, but, they could be better if he's willing to come off the bench. If he's only willing to start, they are better off just trading him because he doesn't fit with Melo and Chandler in the same lineup. He needs to be traded or come off the bench.

    6. Cut down on superstar favoritism from the refs.

  • 1. Nuggets, Warriors, Timberwolves, Rockets

    2. O.J. Mayo

    3. Love

    4. What it is now

    5. No


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    1.) Ty Lawson, Jeremy Lin, Ricky Rubio, Stephen Curry.

    2.) James Harden for the first five minutes.

    3.) Kevin Love, he's just getting better, bro.

    4.) 23 ;)

    5.) Yes, but the Knicks don't really know how to utilize him imo.

    6.) Ik this isn't a rule, but no easy fouls, bring back rough and tough!

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