I have been having a series of sleep paralysis for a few months now and its geting worse.is this a health risk?

Serious help/advice needed!!

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  • john
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    8 years ago
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    If your definition is that you awaken to a short period of time when you cannot move upon awakening..then no. It seems like you cannot breath, but time is hard to perceive just after sleep.

  • nickie
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    not extremely like the type you defined. i've got had the ocassional dream the place, whilst i attempted to stroll, i could desire to in basic terms particularly circulate. It replaced into as though i replaced into attempting to stroll against very heavy wind. i don't bear in mind feeling something heavy on the chest. i understand from time to time whilst i'm drained, basically laying on my returned, in mattress, the room will slowly replace into darker, and from time to time it sort of sounds like i'm seeing products look out of the partitions, foating around the room above me. i've got distinctly lots discounted it although, and have faith it fairly is particularly basically my scholars relaxing and closing down, in coaching for sleep. there have been the ocassional desires the place some thing undesirable is happening or approximately to ensue, i elect to leap and get out of ways or yell for help, yet am "frozen" with concern. In those particular desires, it fairly is style of of a war, it takes some capability to "destroy loose" from it and awaken, yet thus far, I constantly have.

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