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Ladies, have you ever kissed a guy and then he turned into a frog?

Does it happen the other way too?

I heard the really ugly guys deep down just happen to be attractive on the outside, and when you kiss them, they revert back to their natural a frog.

Whereas if you kiss the guy with a good heart, or in other words a frog in the metaphorical sense, he will turn into a handsome prince.

Or maybe this is the only way that nerds like me can hope to get laid.

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    No.......... :)

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    nicely your nevertheless youthful so do no longer concern approximately it to plenty I advise i did no longer start up intensely relationship till ultimately the previous 2 years (i'm going to be a Sophomore this twelve months)... in spite of the undeniable fact that i be attentive to the way it relatively is and your no longer grotesque basically maximum adult males around this age are nicely to be blunt douches it least whilst it includes relationship. If somebody blows you off you have cherished for an prolonged time circulate on. Its demanding and no person likes doing it yet you gotta do it sometimes. and don't concern approximately flirting no longer sufficient all you're able to desire to do is communicate with them like a chum and perhaps teach a splash interest yet i'm particular you do high-quality some females do to plenty... basically take this suggestion you basically have not got here across the nicely suited guy seem around theres it least one reliable guy for you on your college :)

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    nope i have never kissed someone and have them turned into a frog!

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    That sounds like princess problems.


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