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work email account on personal laptop at home.?

I have my work email account set up on my personal macbook pro at home. Can my employer see what websites i'm looking at when i'm at home? if so how do I stop this? do I have to remove the email account from mac mail?



Thanks for all your help.

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I have set email up myself using POP by just adding email account details e.g. incoming/outgoing mail servers, passwords etc.

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    There are some questions you we need to ask you. This is your personal macbook. Did you set up yourself your work email on your computer with the settings or you had your IT or employer setup the email for you on your laptop.

    If it is a work laptop you can bet they can monitor you and know which websites you are visiting and have copies of your email through their exchange server. If you manually setup the work email on your computer and it is your personal laptop computer, then I doubt they will know which websites you visited. However since it is a business email address, your company has copies of your emails on their servers.

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    It depends on how your are getting your email. If you have to login to your employers network via VPN from home then yes because all web requests are being routed through your work. If you are just linking to your employers POP email server without having to VPN in then no.

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    No they cannot unless they remote into your machine, but really what you should have is a VPN client. Virtual Private network.

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